Aloha Style

Aloha , it's a New Year.. Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (how-oh-lay-ma-ka-he-key-ho)!!!

The year end saw everybody rushing around, buying lots of food and stocking up on fireworks. Despite being busy, people were still taking time out to talk story and wish their neighbors and friends a happy upcoming new year. This relaxed approach to a hectic time is one of the things I love about Hawaii.

The year started with a bang, as usual in Hawaii. Even though aerial fireworks are illegal, there are plenty in every neighborhood across the state. I saw a little news clip that stated on Oahu, there were over 1,000 illegal fireworks related complaints, with no fines, or tickets issued. I guess nobody like point da finga.

Pretty funny.

Aside from the loud and smokey mayhem at night on the 31st, the beach was a wonderful place to recover and relax on the !st. Lots and lots of folks were enjoying their picnics, the glorious sunshine, visiting with friends and swimming in the ocean. It was a glorious sunny day after a week long winter storm.

So, here's to getting back into the groove.....


May 2009 bring to you, your heart's desire.