Big Island fun & Koa

Family Easter

I had the sweetest Easter weekend with my family. After rainbow colored eggs, chocolate and jellie beans, we headed to the beach. It was a super clear day for Kona with beautiful blue skies, low tide and small surf. Layer after layer of a busy life melts away when I spend the day at the beach. The sun bakes, and the ocean soothes.

We also hiked a beautiful trail on the mountainside of Hualalai...The grand ohia lehua were in full bloom with their deep scarlet flowers. Many small flowering Acacia Koa trees that were planted along the trail are now growing taller. Before long they will change the whole experience of this hike.Young Koa Tree

The Koa tree can spread a large canopy which will shade the trail. The Koa tree is endemic to Hawaii and considered endangered. Koa trees are a vital part of the Hawaii ecosystem. Many areas in the islands are now being replanted with Koa.

I am posting a shot of a small tree along the trail that shows the leaves changing as the tree starts maturing. The grain of the wood is spectacular and is very expensive to purchase board feet. Heirloom quality furniture is created from Koa. I will post more photos in the future of some of the beautiful Koa furniture made in Hawaii.Hawaiian Fern

It's starting to feel like spring in the's a great time to be here and experience all the beauty of nature, Hawaii style.

A hui hou,