Hau'oli Makahiki Hou


A most Happy New Year to one and all. !1/1/11 ( wow, we are all One, as a friend just reminded me!)

Such a beautiful time of year, a time of letting go of the past and welcoming the future. People tend to set new personal goals at the first of the year. I like to think about what is within my reach that I can re-commit to, and maybe stretch myself a bit as well.

All across the world people celebrate this day with traditions all their own. I saw a Brazilian friend at the beach today. She was practicing her traditional Brazilian ritual of releasing flowers in the ocean for the goddess Yemanja on the first of the year.. (1/1/11) once again!

Much like the tradition in Brazil, local folks in Hawaii also enjoy their fireworks on New Years. Many neighborhoods across our islands spend a few hours on the night of the 31st with all shapes and sizes of rockets, bombs, firecrackers and sparklers.. On the island of Oahu this was the last year for fireworks .Since health and safety issues have been connected with the fireworks free- for- all, there is now a ban in 2011.

Daylight today, Jan 1st, came with clean air and a beautiful pink sunrise. My tradition of a New Year's Day beach walk was as delightful as always. I usually spend the whole day relaxing and swimming, but I made it a short walk instead. Tomorrow I will be going out kayaking with friends to view the humpback whales. A full day out in the water is alot of sun for one weekend. Hopefully we are able to hear their haunting songs and watch their playful antics.

So, Hawaii calls.....it is beautiful, rain or shine.

May your coming year be filled with joy and happiness. May you stretch to reach your own personal goals , may we all respect the earth, and take good care of eachother. Remember, we are all One.

Warmest Alohas,