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Papaya Seeds+ Soil+Water= Papaya Seedlings

Aloha Cherie, Thank you again for the seeds. I am just not sure which kind of papaya seeds are which but I do have sprouts (^o^). Some of the first ones have six leaves; so exciting. I hope they will continue to grow happily so I can plant them at a few houses to see what kind of fruit I may get. Here is a picture so far. ~Corey
Ahh, this mak
es me very , very happy. Corey was a guest who visited from Oahu and had an unusual request at breakfast. He asked if I would save him some papaya seeds as I was scooping and slicing the papayas. He said that his family was having a difficult time getting any papayas to sprout. This was disturbing news to me. I guess they were purchasing GMO papaya. Tthe GMO "food" is designed to either produce no seeds or seeds that don't sprout. If you ask me, there is some very scary stuff going on with this technology.
I usually take a stance about being "pro" vs "anti". As far as food goes, I am pro: healthy, good, fresh, "ono" (delicious) and organic and natural food. GMO does not fit into any of those categories in my book. I am also pro : seeds, soil, water, sunlight...etc...everything needed to have abundance in your garden. My garden is abundant, and I strive to make it even more so.

The papaya tree picture I posted is round three of papayas on this same tree. This particular tree has been producing papayas for three years . It always has fruit. The first two harvests were the biggest. But, just keeping it watered, has kept it going and growing.

Next week on Maui is a program I am considering attending , at least for part of it . I did attend one a few years back and really learned quite a bit. This year I am interested in learning about growing green tea. Since I consume a fair amount, I thought I should grow some. My daughter gave me some locally grown green tea from the Big Island for Christmas. It was a thoughtful and tasty gift, and actually inspired me to grow my own.

To quote a local paper about the upcoming event::

"Since 2001, Maui Aloha ‘Aina Association, with support from the County of Maui Office of Economic Development, has hosted this annual “educational and experiential” conference to “honor their body’s well being and the soil’s vitality as a living organism, while producing nutrient rich food for the community.”

For more information about the 2011 Mind, Body & Soil Conference, visit'>

Spreading good seeds is spreading Aloha. From my garden to yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come visit, see you soon!