Big Island Family Fun


Last weekend I spent a wonderful couple of days with my family. We all are so busy, finding free time can be challenging. Oh, but when we find it, the rewards are so sweet.

Finally we had a walk in the woods to gather plants for our wreathes. I know Christmas is over , so how about Chinese New Year? I actually do enjoy having fresh wreathes with the moss and native plant clippings in the house any time of the year. As usual, mine is a spontaneous creation, and my daughter's is well planned and rather perfect. She is still organizing her piles of similar clippings and colors to prepare to start, and I am already half way through my wreath. It's fun spreading our clippings on the picnic table out on the lanai. It's a relaxing time , special and easy. I amblessed to share this joy with my beautiful daughter.

A hula performance was the main reason for my weekend get away. My granddaughter dances with the Beamer-Solomon Halau O Po'ohala. I have watched her since her young days dancing hula, and I can really see her deep commitment. Her performance with a heart warming smile brought tears to my eyes. It was a wonderful evening with great Hawaiian music, lively visuals and of course the sweet little keiki ( small children) all dancing their keiki hula.

February rolls on with high season in full swing. Hopefully everyone on their way to Maui has made accommodations arrangements. It's great seeing people returning to Hawaii to enjoy our beautiful islands, warm weather and relaxed style. There is so much to Hawaii, it's mixed bag of cultures and traditions. Our food is ono, our skies are usually blue, the ocean is full of whales. Hawaii is a magnificent and fragile place.

Wherever you are this month, may you have some special time with those you love. May you know joy in sharing quiet moments.

Much Aloha,