Moon light thoughts


The moon and I are up tonight.. It's bright, and my mind is active.
We are expecting some rain in a day or two, and I am thinking about all my returning guests as the high season bookings are rolling in.

Every season has it's special aspects. I'm not big on eating a huge amount of food for Thanksgiving, but, I do look forward to my grandson's birthday in that week.. I am very "thankful" for him. He will be 10 years old, phew!

Peoples's thoughts are turning to the holidays, and, I just recieved a great e-mail suggesting to shop locally this holiday season. This message is a wonderful reminder to folks about supporting our own local economies as we ponder the gifts we want to give to our family and friends.

I know the wonderful folks who run the local art supply place. I can think of a few people who would love to have a gift certificate from this small business, Upcountry Fine Arts.

I, for one, could stand to have my car detailed, and I can think of two local establishments that would do a fine job. Wouldn't that be a fun gift certificate to open up?

Maui Hands is one of the best galleries on the island, and they are only a 10 minute walk from Hale Ho'okipa. Chock full of fine art and crafts, made right here on Maui.

My favorite hair dresser is in our town as well..., and, we have so many massage therapists on Maui, and I imagine your community does as well.

The point here that I want to make, is to have lots of fun thinking about how to gift your loved ones something special from your own community. The e-mail I was talking about suggested to focus on North America as the orgin of your choices in gift giving...I am suggesting to focus on your own community. The folks we know, we reallywant to support. If we all do this, our holiday season may be a little brighter.

My own children will always remember the year that we all painted rocks for our holiday gift giving. This will stick out in my family's thoughts as one of the most memorable...each child in their own corner with their pile of rocks, and paint brushes and paint. It was so much fun for me to see them get into how to decorate the rock that they chose for their sibling.

The memory that I carry to this day, twenty something years later, is a gift that will keep on giving to me.

Well, a few more short hours and it will be time to create one of my special fruit salads for my guests. The winter mangos were a bit early, but sooo delicious, and the liikoi are never ending right now. I'll be up gathering avocados for breakfast at day break. Also, my big white guava is so bountiful, I love the size of the fruit compared to the wild ones growing everywhere. They add a great flavor and color to the fruit salad....Guests love the fresh flavors and wonderful combination..Ono,, as we say.

May your days be filled with joyful moments..Aloha for now ,