Art of Trash and Earth Day


Today was Earth Day. Everyday should be Earth Day.

Community Work Day Program "Facilitating programs that educate, inspire, and empower individuals and communities to beautify and maintain Maui Nui's environement which supports our economy, quality of life and unique Hawaiian culture." Nuff said.

I cruised by one of my favorite art shows yesterday at the Maui Mall. I could not make it to the opening the night before. The Art of Trash is a sweet show where artists use cast off, throw away, re-cycled materials to create unique works of art. It is so creative, so inspiring, even if you don't want a wierd creature sculpture or an amazing huge wooden drum gracing your home. You still have to admire and appreicate the creativity and humour that goes into these pieces. I liked "Our Lady of the Rake" a bit of a spoof on religious art, but thoughtful all the same. The drum was built by Bill Stroud of Haiku, Maui.

We all can do our part in standing for the Earth, if we don't, who will?

With Aloha,