Great Weekend

Aloha All,

It's been a relaxing weekend, now moving into the golden glow hours of the afternoon..I feel rejuvinated after a perfect swim and some productive art hours with my friend in her beautiful studio.

Wonderful repeat guests, Cyn and Peter, and their whole family are staying for a week. Love this kind of action. Everybody gets cozy and shares their meals and enjoys the good vibes of this ol house. Hale Ho'okipa is perfect for family renunions.

We had a fun morning, that got our hearts pumping a bit. They helped me herd the ducks, keeping the mom and auntie duck from dive bombing me as I was trying to catch babies to give away. We were a three ringed circus running around the yard..I'm sure it's part of their vacation they won't soon forget.

All in all, it was a nice mix of folks this week, it usually is. An old friend from the Big Island was here doing a demo with his first class honey from over there. The Volcano Island Honey Company produces a pure white honey that is organic, raw and melts in your mouth. These folks have been at this for years, and from start to finish, their social awareness is to be commended. You can find them at Some of the most ono honey in the whole world! We learned alot about the plight of the honey bees, I can only hope that humankind wakes up to what we are doing with all the chemicals and pesticides.

I also had guests from Switzerland and spent the week showing property to then. Very sweet folks who are ready for a big change, Maui bound. Will be a great fun to work with them in

their new adventure.I love sharing Aloha, and helping folks with their real estate needs is great way to do so.

Yesterday I made it up to the forest for a great walk in the woods..The light was perfect and the air fresh and clean. It was quiet and my little Annie dog had a blast smelling every possible trail on our walk.

Feel the soft trade winds, smell the fresh air, and use your imagination for the dreamy quality of light right now.

Sending Aloha far and wide,