Nature's Colors and Textures


Today I decided it was time to get off my okole and get hiking again. I was sitting at my computer and my little dog Annie jumped up and started batting at my hand with her skinny little legs and cute paws. She would not let up..I got the message, grabbed my shoes and we headed up to the forest.

I chose the watershed forest hike and it was spectacular. Blue sky and bright green colors still moist from the morning rain. The  soft red earth filled with puddles were just starting to dry from the mid-day sun. It was quiet and I was drinking in all the colors and textures of the forest. Annie was following her nose as usual, keeping an eye on me, but really enjoying sniffing here and there, up and down each trail we chose. Sometimes I like to cross country it and cruise off the paths into the deeper forest.
One of the sights that  captivates me is the bark of the multi colored Euculyptis trees. My heart sings when I see these miracles of Nature.
Ahh, the end of a very sweet day...Mahalo ke Akua.
May the rest of the weekend be just as wonderful for one and all.

With Aloha,