maneki-neko, the good fortune cat


The Japanese Maneki-Neko is a popular cat figurine in Hawaii and Asia with many names and appearances. The Lucky, Welcoming , Money or Fortune Cat is believed to bring blessings to the owner of  a business where it is prominently  displayed.

The Lucky Cat is adorned with a variety of ornaments, similar to cats of old from wealthy families. They are often  holding a gold coin known as a koban. The coin symbolizes  good fortune and wealth. Many of these statues double as coin banks beckoning customers and money.

Maneki-Neko will have either the right or left paw raised, sometimes both. Interpretations of which paw is raised differ and has changed over time. One raised paw is said to  attract customers, while the other paw brings in wealth and good luck.

Paia Maneki-neko

Paia Maneki-neko

 I was in my Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate office today enjoying a Paia afternoon while contemplating my next blog post. A friendly tattooed young man walked in asking if he could take a Selfie with our  giant Beckoning Cat. Often the kids strolling by with their parents spot our Maneki-neko and make a bee line for a happy hug .This is the first time an adult sat on the floor and cozied up with Good Fortune Cat. James from Hula Girl Tattoo  let me in on his Selfie, and a blog post was born. I've always wanted to learn more about these harbingers of good fortune and  have seen so many versions of this lucky talisman in Hawaii.

The earliest record of the Maneki-neko is from the mid 1800's believed to have originated in Tokyo.There is much folklore surrounding the origin of the Maneki-neko.Their colors vary  attributing white to attracting happiness , red is success in all relationships and pink is a bringer of love.The most common colors are white, black and gold. I am going to look for a multi colored one with both paws raised.

Aloha and Blessings to All,