Plantation Style Homes and Real Estate


Inspiration comes from many directions. Beautiful lighting, drama, subtle images, inviting places.. An artist is always looking for a spark and insight that can lead to self expression. I've always been inspired by Architecture  with clean lines , lots of light and high ceilings . Space, inside and outside allows room for a little day dreaming.

The natural wonders of our environment in Hawaii are rich and complex with  jungles, deserts and alpine climates. One of my favorite things about being a Real Estate agent on Maui is the opportunity  to visit a wide variety of homes. A home that is in harmony with it's surroundings  always enhances it's appeal. I like  interesting proportions that are in balance.

 A common theme in home styles in Hawaii is the  "Plantation Style". "This description is often overused when loosely describing an architectural style . Wood siding with battens creates a relaxed country look; however, that does not  necessarily create a plantation style home.

 An authentic Plantation Era home was often single wall, and  built from redwood.  A corrugated tin roof  made it rather loud inside during a tropical downpour. With the single walls, the small and simple homes were not insulated. Wiring ran down the walls covered in channel moulding. Floors were usually fir, stained  brown. Houses were built in a post and pier style elevating them a few feet above the ground creating air flow and a deterrent for crawling critters. A small lanai  invited visits.

This old painting of a typical plantation home shows simplicity and function.

Some of the  modestPlantation Era  homes had Furo style bathtubs or an outside washroom in the  carport. This was my old 1939 home that had an outdoor washroom in the shed. Common sense for cleaning up after working outside in the red dirt.

 Upscale older Kama'aina homes were built more substantially and exude a grace unique to their era. My charming 1949 listing had a California Craftsman style that is unusual to the area with double walls and fireplace.

Maui has something for everybody, old plantation homes, plantation style homes, modern, or something in between.  

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Old painting of plantation house on Big Island