Summer on Maui

Aloha from sweet summer in the islands. 

Today was the first day the air felt warm early in the morning. Shorts at 7 a.m is a great way to start a comfortable day. Not too hot, nor muggy, clear, little puffs of trade winds, summer 2016 is shaping up nicely. Our seasonal tropical storms often start out warm, and then we are cooled off by showers. Looks like we have more showers headed our way.

The July 4th Rodeo and Parade attracted a great and happy crowd.  Being an election year, there were 62 parade Entries. Politicians waved to the crowd on horseback, on tractors, hay rides, convertibles and on foot. Luckily there were way more horses than candidates. Being the hundred year anniversary for the Kaonoulu Ranch and  they were well represented with almost 30 Riders. Our lovely Makawao Museum had a float the featured local musical talent of the Haiku Hillbillies. Float decorators and parade participants gathered in near by neighbor hoods in the very early morning hours. 


northshore foam.jpg

Summer also ushers in the  the start of Obon Season.  In early July the festivities take place at the beautiful Mantokuji Mission, the Japanese Buddhist Temple on Maui's North Shore outside of Paia.  Grave sites are decorated and the Bon Odori, Group Dance , is performed to honor the spirits of the ancestors.

The ocean has been inviting and the perfect place to cool off and get some exercise..

The tradewinds are blowing today and summer is shaping up beautifully as we roll on towards kids going back to school already !

Aloha, Hope to see you soon.