Majestic Norfolk Pine

Aloha ,

It's been a little while since I've posted and now that my updated web site is settled in, it's time to sharpen my pencil again.

Theancient Norfolk Pine in my yard recently had some big work done. I was nervous for some crazy reason as my crew was very professional , careful  and safety conscious.

We had some 'round tree discussions as to height, girth , size of the giant. There are three very large Norfolk Pines in Hawaii.  One is on the Parker Ranch in Waimea, one is on Lanai, and the third is in my yard. The crew seemed to think my tree and the Lanai tree are both serious contenders for the Biggest in Hawaii.

I am never able to say "my tree" ...if anything I am the tree's human in charge of care taking.  I had a beautiful start way up high many years ago, but, after seeing the large tree in Makawao town get hit by lightening because of the start, I am very happy it is metal free.

The tree is 162' ft high and 19' feet around. The branches that were taken down were about 2 feet across. I am hoping a friend who turns bowls will be able to create some beautiful and functional art.

Come Hug a Tree, actually, a huge, majestic, full of Mana, noteworthy Norfolk Pine Tree.


With Aloha,