The Art and Practice of Homesteading


The concept of a Homestead brings to mind a Pioneer, someone who is blazing some sort of trail to creating their home. This doesn’t have to involve a machete or a bulldozer, but a sensitivity to the environment in Hawaii is a benefit.

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I recently had the great fortune to help a friend purchase a piece of gorgeous Upcounry Maui raw land. This got me thinking about starting from scratch and working with your own hands. For her closing gift I got her a wheelbarrow and a Native Nursery gift certificate because every girl with land needs a wheelbarrow.

Cypress Wood Planks

Cypress Wood Planks

My friend’s land is wide open and perched at the edge of a steep gulch overlooking Heaven on Maui, with an expansive ocean view.

Being in harmony with the land takes a commitment to building as green as possibly while also considering what you can produce and gather from your Maui land. I was able to harvest and mill some very old trees that were no longer viable . I made all my flooring and trim work from these old Cypress trees. The soft feeling under my feet and the fragrance of this wood renews my commitment to re-purpose.

Creating on a large or small scale, using reclaimed or re-purposed materials is smart while adding personality to a dwelling. Weather is the biggest influence on building in Hawaii with our varied climates. Learning about the weather patterns is essential prior to building , which way the trade winds blow and how wet is wet. We also build up off the ground with post and pier to discourage pests and allow the air to flow under.

I was exploring the Tiny House scene on Maui and found some interesting possibilities. The mobility aspect is helpful to work with permitting issues.

Blaze your own trail, “create your own cozy” and homestead your land. It’s a blessing and great fortune to be able to express yourself in your abode and to listen to your land. If you have any friends interested in raw land or a home on Maui, I would be honored to help with their Real Estate needs

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My new listing on Olinda Rd just above Makawao is a sweet 980 sq foot home on 2 gorgeous acres overlooking a lush gulch with West Maui mountain and a small ocean view.

Maui MLS # 381844

With Aloha,

Cherie Attix R(S)