"Look What I Found!"


Hunting for a special find is an exciting hobby that many enjoy.  When something special finds you, now that's a different story.

shadow box.jpg

When I first purchased my heritage home, I was often surprised at what surfaced with each shovel of dirt turned over. Countless marbles and square nails were a daily find in the garden. Raising thirteen kids in a house made for plenty of marbles. Many old properties had bottle dumps back in the day.

Chinese bottle.jpg

My son and I used to dig for bottles in the overgrown yard. It was hot and sweaty and we were nowhere close to the right area. He would beg me to get another job for extra income as I handed him the shovel to keep digging. When I finally struck the Mother-load, it was with a backhoe during some major work in an entirely different area of the property. What a celebration! It was very exciting climbing down into the hole to pull bottles out of the wall. After a short while I closed it up realizing it was dangerous being deep in an unstable hole in the ground. Some of those unearthed treasures were arranged into a unique shadow box now displayed in my kitchen.

poi pounder.jpg

A few years back, I was working with a fellow on the property who was also intrigued by potential finds and loved antiques. He had a sharp eye and during the time we worked together, two remarkable objects were unearthed. The old majestic tree over many, many years brought up a pre-contact Hawaiian pounding tool. The top handle was broken off, but, it is an unmistakable ancient tool.  A small Chinese medicine bottle surfaced during that time period as well. 

I will always feel gratitude for the treasures tangible and not that this land has gifted me.









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Conveyance Tax

Typically paid by Seller, the conveyance tax rate depends on the type and value (sales price) of the prperty being conveyed and if it is for homeownershp or investment.                                                                      

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