Maui's Varied Micro Climates

The island of Maui, while only 728 square miles, has an amazing variety of micro climates. The major climates that make up Maui are the desert areas, rain forests and mountainous regions. Within these major climates are multiple micro-climates.

An example that always amazes me is within the Haiku district which would be considered Rain-forest Climate. I’ve been told there are 4 micro climates in a relatively speaking small area. I can attest to those 4, and this is how I see and describe them.

rainfall maui.jpg

1) “Full-on Wet Hack Away at Vegetation Daily, and Sometimes Inside Your House”

2) “Not Fully Soaked to the Bone, but Your Mud Boots are on the Porch Always”

3) “Dry-Ku portions of Haiku, Still Lush with Some Sunshine”

4) “Lower Dry-Ku Nice Tradewinds and Ocean Views with Very Healthy Vegetation”

Speaking of Rainfall, the East side of the island, Hana can receive 400 hundred inches of rain a year, while the Central Valley, Kahului receives around 10’’ a year .

Having read that Maui boasts 17 micro climates, I am a Believer. I often tell folks to just drive 5-10 miles and you’ll have a new weather experience. Even if you stay put in one location, it is likely that the weather will shift noticeably at some point in the day. The early mornings are typically less windy and as the sun heats up the land surface, the winds pick up strength. Our prevailing winds are the North East Tradewinds which we love. Though they can also bring sporadic showers, they keep us cool and refreshed. Unless you are looking for a free micodermabrasion skin treatment, the beaches on the North Shore can get a bit unpleasant when the Trades are strong.

The Upcountry, Mountainous Climate is rather heavenly. Working your way up magnificent Haleakala, districts and small towns dot the hillsides and each of those have their unique climate. In fact, in Makawao , there is the Dry side and the Wet side within a three minute drive. Up above Makawao in Olinda where the rolling pastures are a deep green it rains a bit more than just down the hill in town. A few miles south across the highway, Pukalani is dryer with marvelous bi-coastal views. Kula rests on the flanks of the mountain with a dryer and warmer area in the lower region and much cooler above with a typical Kula Cloud that rolls down the mountain in the later afternoons. The views from the higher altitudes are breathtaking.

In these short paragraphs, I’ve described about 10 micro climates and didn’t fully cover the North Shore, nor touched the South shore or the West Side or the central mountain slopes. The desert areas are very fine in their own rights, and luckily within striking distance to a body of water, the beautiful blue Pacific.

We can choose how and where we want to enjoy our Leisure time and not spend all day getting there. That makes for a happy population. Stepping outside and appreciating all the natural wonder no matter what the climate makes us “Lucky We Live Hawaii.”

Maui Market Minute

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