Art Maui 2012


It's Spring and that means Art Maui (among many other wonderful things).

About 500 entries were submitted this year. I don't remember the exact number of selected works, but, less than 1/4 of those were selected.
Mine was not (boo-hoo) Alot of folks were sure it would be, but, alas, it is not hanging on the wall at the Schaffer Gallery. There were really only two pulled prints in the show, so, printmakers did not have good representation. Alot of outstanding photography was chosen this year. I also noticed alot of acrylic work as well. Juried shows are very subjective, and who knows what someone will like..

My good friend, Katherine Ayers, had a small beautiful watercolor chosen.. The show hangs until the end of April, and I think it can be viewed on line as well...check out

It's Easter and beautiful, baby ducks are getting bigger and cruisin all around the yard now..the tradewinds are blowing, and the sky is really clear. I had a chance to stop in at the orchid show for Easter and as always, was very impressed by what I saw..

Hope it's a sweet time of year for you, where ever you may be.

Much Aloha,