Holidays Fares and Fairs


Hmm, that time of year again. I spent a bit of yesterday visiting the Haleakala Waldorf School holiday faire, and the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center, Hui Holidays celebration. The Waldorf school fair is well attended, with many crafters, entertainment, holiday wreathes , fun for the keiki (children) and ono grinds .

My posts are often art oriented, and usually small business supportive. Yesterday my scores at the crafts's fairs were a kids's book by a local author, Queen Bee skin products made in Pukalani with local honey, a jar of delicious kiawae honey from Kihei, and some sweet earings made by an upcountry artist. (oops , those were for me).

Now that my grandkids are getting older, Christmas shopping is not as fun as it used to!, I said it. It seems that the focus of the average tween and teen has to do with all things electronic. I'm not big into electronics, would have no idea what to buy anyway. So, I just get to be very creative in my search for little gifts that will be meaningful to them.....

December days are ending early,it's dark by 6pm. The weather has been a bit muggy and overcast , which made for a really amazing sunset tonight. The sky was colored a brilliant red with streaks of gold. Gorgeous.I am taking a day off tomorrow, a swim is in order, it's been awhile...yippee, some beach time! My little dog will also be thrilled to run on the beach.

OK, Here's to hoping December is finding one and all in anticipation of wonderful family time, great holiday cheer, and cheaper airline tickets...

Much Aloha,


December Delights


What a wonderful time of the year, hard to believe that December is almost half over!

We've had a week of MONSTER swells and blue skies. The surf was sooo huge, Peahi, also known as Jaws, was in fine form. This is a gigantic wave that breaks when a big north swell hits our shores in the winter.

These waves were the largest in over a decade. I did not brave the mad house of cars and onlookers who cruise the cane fields to get to the cliffs for a better view.

I am posting a shot of local fisherman who was shorecasting the day before the big swell hit. This uncle was doing his thing, oblivious to all the wave gaukers surrounding him. It was a nice scene to watch. Beauty is all around us.

Makawao town recently hosted a vintage upcountry Christmas day of fun and entertainment. I just love how all the merchants upcountry are organizing these fun fulled events. There were side walk sales and great music through the day. Santa cruised through town on a hale bale pulled by a tractor.

The Hui Noe Eau Visual Arts Center is now hosting the Christmas House for the month of Dec. Many local artists and crafters have their wares displayed and are for sale.

The old Baldwin mansion makes such a beautiful setting for this wonder land of goodies. There are beautiful wreathes that were locally made.

I visit the Print Studio for open studio work at the hui....what a great art center for all of us. This is a definite stop off during an upcountry visit.

December is flying by, but I have been fortunate enough to get a moment out now and then to take a swim and walk on the beach.

Here's to taking in the wonders of life and natural beauty as often as possible.

Aloha for now,