Malama Wao Akua 2014

One of my favorite shows is now hanging at the lovely Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao. In honor of East Maui Watershed preservation, Malama Wao Akua celebrates it's 10th year Anniversary Art Exhibit. 
 The focus of the show is to raise awareness about native forests and endangered native species on Maui Nui. Viewers and artists learn more about the importance of a healthy watershed through this show. Educational opportunities are offered in conjunction with the show.  Environmental experts share their knowledge, experience and expertise  to hopefully increase public awareness.
Malama ( To Protect and Preserve) East Maui's Native Hawaiian Forested Watershed 's rainforest and primary water source, has been the mission of East Maui Watershed Partnership. This partnership , created in 1991, is a combined effort between federal, state and private land owners with the common goals of controlling invasive species and animals, and education through outreach.
The subject matter I chose was the watershed flume delivery system which is being replaced after 70 years to conserve precious water. The low  clouds and water leakage create a misty rain forest environment  where the native forest and watershed thrives.

I was happy to have my piece "Where the Spirits Dwell" chosen for the show.  This was the only relief print in the show, and I received kudos from 2 master printmakers, which was exciting. My style of multi layering, combining techniques isn't always successful, but, it is certainly becoming recognizable. I like the depth and story that is created.
Elementary  and High School students enter the show as well, and often my favorite pieces are in this collection. They are bold and creative, and it's nice to know the kids in our schools are learning about Maui's native species.
The show sometimes is literal with many pieces depicting native birds and forest scenes. The images are beautiful, and, I like shows that stimulate the viewer . I had hoped to see more conservation efforts and  environmental challenges in the artist's presentations. It is a successful show and there is much to be learned about our fragile eco system through art, song and hula.

Malama Wao Akua
Malama ka Aina

 To all the wonderful folks who work so hard in protecting our environment......Mahalo!

Malama Wao Akua


Tonight was opening night for the wonderful watershed show. Malama Wao Akua.

This show had a great turn out with well over a 100 entries. Several of my friends had pieces accepted, from printmakers, to photographers, to painters.. all outstanding work! Two entries featured the endangered Hawaiian crow..I want to go back when it's less crowded with more room and better light to see all the wonderful art

My piece "Maui Loulu", a woodcut and water color, depicts the endemic Maui palms on the b&b grounds. I was pleased to see that it sold within a few minutes of the show opening. Wow, that was cool, and a first for me.

Maui art is alive and well... I hope you get a chance to experience it during your visit to Maui...

The island is glowing green after our recent rain..a beautiful time of year to enjoy our paradise.

Aloha, a hui hou..


Upcoming Watershed Art Show

Aloha All,

This is an official invite to the wonderful art show upcoming this Sat at the fabulous Viewpoints Gallery in downtown Makawao.There will be a walk through with the juror at 4pm.

I really love this gallery, one of my favorite places to take guests and show off our talented Maui artists.

My woodblock and watercolor will be in the show! Yippee. I am honored and happy, I worked hard on this piece. I can say for the first time in my life, I have two pieces hanging in two separate shows fun with art, for sure!

The Malama Wao Akua show features native species from Maui is a show that promotes a healthy watershed..A very worthy focus, one we all have to pay attention to. I will post more pics of the event, and maybe even a little video when I can get that together.

Aloha for now,