Hui Printmakers

Aloha Folks,

I had the great fortune to attend a three day wood block print making workshop at the wonderful
 Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center in Makawao that just ended today.
The excitement I felt as this class was drawing near, was off the charts. I was jumping out of my skin because my all time favorite teacher, Casey Newman, was returning to Maui from the mainland for a week of workshops. Casey was my first teacher , and I learned so much from her our first time together. This time was alot of refinement and taking it all a few steps further. My friend, Donette Gene did a beautiful piece.

My usual mode is Japanese water color wood block as I am able to work at home in a small space. This workshop we used oil based ink, and , there is a big challenge in cleaning up with this method.
However, the weather on Maui allows one to take their time in running a print once the block is inked. Water color is a bit of a rush, with no real time to daydream once ink is laid down.
Casey gave me some pointers in improving my carving technique, and I am really happy my lines will be sharper now.  I did a marathon carving session on Monday..11 hours,(!!) with a small break to eat..I have to say, that time really does fly when you are having fun. Any artist will agree, that one of the wonders of total immersion is the ability to loose track of time...Being  so focused without alot of distracting thoughts is a thing of real beauty in my book.
The Printmakers community on Maui is a great bunch of folks. Another very special teacher I had the honor to work with was Claudia Coonon. Claudia is no longer with us, but her art lives on and on. She was very much involved with the Maui Crafts Guild.
If you feel something creative calling you, answer the call, pick up the phone, open the door..even if it takes you from the rest of your life for is so worth it to rejuvenate yourself and honor your creative impulses.

Life is good.

With Aloha and a Happy Heart,