Great Hawaiian music and ono grinds

The Hula Honeys play Hawaiian music on Maui

"Deep into Haiku" is a great little cafe with some of the yummiest food, chillingest atmosphere and the bestest(!) music on the map.

I am talking about a really great way to celebrate making it through Monday. The Hana Hou Cafe, with the fab Hula Honeys playing old style Hawaiian music and talking story with the patrons, is my favorite place to be on a Monday night.

The Hula Honeys playing Hawaiian music on MauiThe "Hana Hou Cafe" serves fresh local food, featuring the Maui Cattle Company beef, and fresh fish caught by our Maui fishermen. This is not designer food with two inches of food on the plate, we're talking left overs for lunch the next day. I happen to really love Creme Brulee, and Hana Hou Cafe makes a delicious desert. They also feature live music 5 nights a week. We have many talented musicians on Maui, and it's great to enjoy them in an intimate setting.

Besides ono grinds, patrons are treated to some of the best music in the islands. I really love listening to the Hula takes me back to a simpler, sweeter time. Ginger and Robyn both grew up in Honolulu and were exposed to the music of yesteryear. They sing Hapa/Haole music, swing music and Hawaiian music.

The Hula Honeys Hawaiian Music Band
They are funny, engaging and sweet as all heck. Robyn performs hula when the mood strikes, and it is always a treat. On my special birthday a few years back, they played on the back porch. This is what I mean by "chicken skin", a full moon with all my friends and family relaxing and enjoying "back yard" style hula and music. I will always remember that wonderful night.!

Their Bassist Jonathan Drechsler is from New York and has played with many noted musicians. These talented folks are great, I love supporting them, and playing their great cd at breakfast. Their new release will be out soon. A number of guests are excited enough to make it down to the Hana Hou, have dinner, chill out and take their magical music home to the mainland. You can check out the music at The Hula Honeys Hawaiian music web site. Hope you enjoy! Ginger and Robyn also host a great show on Manao Radio.

Aloha for now...looks like a beach afternoon...