Maui Film Festival's that time of year again.
The wonderful Maui Film Festival is in full swing.

Enjoy a lovely evening under the stars with friends and sweethearts..bring your blankets and beach chairs and get ready to be entertained.
As the folks from Maui Film Festival say " The One. The Only. Celestial Cinema"  and a great event it is!!!

Our lovely Maui Arts and Cultural Center also shows films for the four days of the festival, if you don't want the outside experience.

Check out the line up and make plans...It's a perfect time of year to go early and enjoy the sunset and a delicious dinner in Wailea. There is also food available at the cinema., and other events for the festival as well. Support the film makers and participate in their Filmaker's Panel on Sat. June 16th.

See you at the movies!
With Aloha,


Stary, stary Night


If it was possible to convey this post in a whisper, that's what I'd be doing...

The stars are a brilliant blanket accross the early morning sky. I was just outside breathing in the night's super quiet, and very sweet. The little sliver of a moon has already set...

It's been wild ,windy and wet quite a bit this winter, and to see the promise of yet another crisp, clear and beautiful day coming makes me quite happy. I'll be taking my little Annie down to the north shore today...I have not been to the beach in awhile, and we are both due.

As we roll towards the New Year, my thoughts are filled with gratitude. My dear Kansas brothers who spend their Chritmas with me, are back. Last night we went to dinner at the fab Hailemaile General Store and then took in a fun film at the Maui Film Festival . What's not to smile about?

All is well as we prepare to slip into 2012....maybe I am up savoring the quiet...because...that will change into the normal festive free- for- all with fireworks to boot in a couple of days. .........

For now........ahh......back to star gazing and drinking in the quiet..

May these special days and nights bring peace and joy, and lots to smile about...

Aloha for now,

Maui Film Festival


All year we look forward to the Maui Film Festival. It's five nights of quality entertainment Maui style. It is in full swing right now. If you are on island, do yourself a favor and get out to the movies. June is a nice time to visit for next year, and the bonus to your trip, would be the Maui Film Festival.

Going to the outdoor Celestial Cinema in Wailea is really a treat. It's wonderful to sit under the stars on a balmy Maui evening with good friends, experiencing great cinema.

The smaller McCoy theater at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center usually features documentary short films. Independent film makers are showcased and really shine at this venue. Many films are followed by a question-and-answer forum.

Last night I saw one of the very best films I have ever seen. I thought about it often today. Departures won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. This delightful and moving film is a journey into Japan's cultural heritage. The film offered laugh-out-loud humor, haunting music, beautiful landscape, and life cloaked in dignity with a profound reverence. I laughed, cried and will always remember Departures. I wanted to do my part in spreading the word about this great film, and the Maui Film Festival.

Aloha, see ya at the movies!!