Spring is in the air!

Aloha !Happy Spring...Yesterday I worked in the garden for hours on end. The weather was so perfect, brilliant blue skies were inspiring me to plant my greens for the summer, to trim and shape and work on the koi pond.

The koi photo was shot by my guest, Linda Brooks from Richmond, Canada. Linda has captured some wonderful images, and the koi with the towering Norfolk pine branches reflected in the pond is no exception.

Linda also caught a whimsical angle of my large Chinese bananas being propped up by a lawn chair. It's an honest shot and represents the ease in my garden. I've heard my garden compared to a lazy English garden.

My Moscovy ducks gave me a huge surprise as well in the last couple of days. I thought the three females were setting on nests that held eggs that weren't fertile. Surprise, surprise...I guess there was a get together that I was not aware of. I have 10 new baby ducks who are so darn cute.. I'm holding my breath on the other two nests...hoping I don't end up with 20 more baby ducks!

Well..let's see what tomorrow brings..lots of promise and feelings of things anew this spring! Breathe deep and know "good's gonna happen" as my posted reminder tells me.
Much Aloha,