Big Island Beauty


I wanted to share a special place that my daughter took me to on my Big Island visit.

Iwas delighted with our adventure. This trail runs along the North Kona coast and is well maintained, peaceful, and reminds me of our old days of hiking the South Kohala coastline. The fragrence of native grasses and coastal plants prompted a wave of nostalgia.

It was great to share these memories with my daughter, as she grew up in those coastal areas.

We used to spend alot of time hiking the rugged coast before it was developed. Watching the beautiful blue ocean with sweet waves breaking on the coral reefs, listening to the grouse sharing their song, and exploring all the tide pools, was how we spent our free time.

We would hike to an ancient Hawaiian petroglyph site that was located in the lava fields close by our little beach shack. We were lucky to spend time in this historical place. I believe it is now unavailable to visit due to preservation.

Sometimes we would discover game areas that were similiar to a checker board carved into the tide pool lava .We'd find little black and white lava and coral rocks and create our own games for fun. The kids would also take the snails our of the tide pools and put them on their skinny little shins and have snail races for a few minutes.

I do hope you enjoy the beauty of these photos and get the feeling of Hawaii and the special place it is.

With deep gratitude and much Aloha,