Sea Surprises


It's been awhile since I have posted, and I have to say that I miss talking story and posting great pics for folks to share some Maui time. It's been a busy fall, and our visitor season has not really kicked into full gear yet. A few months to go until whale season when everyone wants to come to Hawaii!

If I have a chance to take an early morning walk on the beach, I always run into the" seaweed pickers". These folks are at the beach every morning with their laundry baskets floating down the shoreline collecting a variety of seaweeds. The beach strolls reveal at least four spectacular and varied types of seaweeds.

There is a beautiful pink lacy one, a dark green thick branchy one (my favorite to eat), a lime green flat variety and brownish one. I know they have names, and specific functions, and different flavors, but, I don't know them. The pickers separate the seaweeds looking for their favorites and usually leave the beach with full baskets. I always wonder where they go from there........

My friend Mike Eliers, sent me some new dive photos last week and I love sharing his pics. He has a way of getting in close and personal with the subjects of his amazing shots. Mike happened upon a Moray eel coming out of it's hole to investigate like Morays do. These rather aggressive and dangerous creatures are discreet and usually remain hidden in holes and crevices and rocky ledges. They have a keen sense of smell and poor eyesight. Their teeth are razor sharp and concave.

People sometimes try to feed these eels, and it is not a very smart thing to do. They are quick and, if somebody is accidentally bitten by a Moray eel, it can cause a serious injury. However, the Moray only attacks if it feels threatened. The "Puhi" Hawaiian word for eel, has smooth skin, a snake like body and supports small shrimp and wrasses who are "cleaners" feeding off of parasites and small scraps of food from it's mouth. The beauty of this relationship is in it's necessity.

If you are thinking about learning how to dive or getting certified , come to Maui. It's fun and exciting and a great experience....come and discover the amazing world of underwater.

Aloha......see you soon,


Maui Photographer

Aloha from wild and windy Maui!!

We have a big Kona storm passing through. The wind has been at least 35-40 mph today with some major driving rain. The state has taken the day off. Schools, state and county officials were told to stay home today. The Superferry canceled it's passage as well. Mother Nature is keeping us all under wraps as this storm blows itself out.

I'd like to feature some of our great island talent on my blog. Today I am posting a photo of the North Shore of Maui at sunset by a friend of mine. The other beautiful shot is looking up into Iao Valley from the north shore at that same sunset. The Iao Valley is a very beautiful place to photograph, hike, soak in the river, and contemplate life. It is one of my favorite places to go. My grand kids love to play in the river.

The photographer I am featuring today is Tom Mckinlay. You can view his works at Tom has shot some amazing pics across the island. I know I'll be posting more of them. His message was to "enjoy the work." He can really capture the mood of the moment, and has some wonderful hula shots and Hawaiian cultural events.

OK, time to close up shop while I still have electricity.

A wonderful weekend to all! a hui ho,