Makawao Maui


Today the quirkiness of Makawao made me laugh right out loud. Standing in line at my local post office listening to 4 crowing roosters, being mailed to the Big Island, I was reminded of the saying "Only in Hawaii."  At first, I thought it was somebody's very loud cell phone ring until I saw the "Live Bird" stamped boxes lining the back wall.  A sweet little girl  waiting with her dad, would  throw her head back and crow along with the confused birds. The whole PO was in stitches while the Portuguese Bird Man was nonchalantly filling out his required paper work.

For many years, I have described Makawao as "The New Age Meets Local Paniolo Cowboy Town". I still think this is a good description of my little town.
From the  post office, my next stop was Rodeo General Store for  an afternoon treat. Out on the sidewalk there was a table set up with a Live Food taster tray artfully arranged.   Raw Food Sprouted Seed Burgers topped with locally made raw mustard was being offered to passerby's.
Rodeo General Store remodeled their establishment a few years back, vastly improving the menu, quality, selection and interior of the shop. Their salads are great, and the hot bar boasts delicious pasta take outs. The folks are friendly and they also offer an amazing wine selection in the back room.

On the opposite side of the street is a cream filled doughnut lover's magic Cream Puff heaven. Kamoda's Bakery has been famous for their baked goods for many, many, many years. Early mornings find sleepy locals and excited visitors standing in line waiting for the doughnut doors to open. My guests sometimes grab coffee and go to town to pick up fresh pastries to bring back to the breakfast table to share.

For women who like to shop, Collections is one of my favorites, as well Holiday , Altitudes, Mercantile, and Hurricane really do have wonderful and unique clothes for all, budget conscious and spendy.  

Hale Ho'okipa Inn also reflects the diversity found in town. We have our gluten -free- sprouted- no- wheat bread , tea sipping breakfast folks. While also at the table are guests reveling in gooey sugar puffed pastries from town, guzzling coffee to kick start their day. I like to eat very healthy, so I make sure that I offer and serve food that makes sense to me. But, hey, the whole point is, there is something for everybody.

Rather than judging our differences, I try to remember to Embrace our Differences. Humor goes a long ways in acceptance of all of us. The diversity we find in a 20 mile radius to Makawao is rather remarkable. If you want to live in a humble hale with roosters running through the yard, or a gracious older plantation home, or newer digs appointed with pool, Makawao has it all. 

Whether  you are in town for a yoga class or a rodeo, it's All Good.
See ya in Makawao, our unique and fun little town with "A Sense of Humor and Place", and a whole lot of history.

Aloha for now,

Summer Sale at Hale Ho'okipa Inn


It's time for a small summer sale at Hale Ho'okipa Inn Makawao   July and August accommodations are on sale , book now for an itty bitty savings  :~)
Every year I like to offer my guests a savings on their stay, and it seems that summer is perfect for a sale.

$5 off  per day may not sound like much..........
So here are some suggestions of what that $5 a day can do to make your vacation even more wonderful:

1 lb of ono delicious lychee from Mana Foods!
1 small red Dragon Fruit from Mana Foods ( the best food store in all of Hawaii, hands down)
1 large bag of organic and fresh greens from Mana Foods ( my list sounds like I eat alot!)
1 gallon and a smidge more of gas for your holo-holo adventures
2 boxes of local and yummy strawberries at Pukalani Superette
2 ahi fish patties and sauce at Rodeo General Store in Makawao
2 nights discount can buy you a beautiful Puakinikini lei at Pukalani Superette
2 nights of discount will satisfy your appetite at the popular Paia Fish Market (best fish burgers around)
2 nights discount will get you into the amazing Haleakala National Park, good for three days!

A jump in the ocean is free, a swim in our Upcountry pool is free, a dip in a mountain stream is free.
A glorious sunset sitting on the beach won't cost you anything. Cooling off in a tradewind breeze is yours for the asking.

It is possible to enjoy Maui without breaking the bank.., and it's a fun adventure seeking out all the great food and experiences waiting for you.

See you soon...