Great Adventures on Horseback


My grandson, Aukai, and I just spent a few days of  fun adventures. We started our summer staycatation with an awesome horseback ride at  Triple L Ranch . We rode down to the ocean in the  backcountry of Ka'naio. These slopes of Haleakala are dotted with kiawe trees and the native Wili-Wili tree.
Our horses were great., and Aukai fell in love with his horse.

  He was very happy and sported a huge smile all day. I think  Surprise probably also enjoyed the light and agile rider she had for the day. She responded so well to Aukai. I was relaxed and comfortable knowing it was a great match.

My horse was named Chewy. I did let him get away with snacking on the run ..I imagine the cowboys don't let them eat as they walk, but, he was just so good at it, not missing a step as he snagged mouthfuls of green tips along the trail.

The ocean beckoned and we were looking forward to chilling out in the water and resting in the shade. The peaceful  bay where we lunched was  a welcome stop. As we were rounding the bend, we caught a wiff of  the world famous and, oh so ono, Bully's Burgers. Aukai and I climbed off our horses with our mouths watering, and lunch did not disappoint. Food always taste better outside for some reason, and these burgers, hot off the grill, were delicious.
Our guide, and cooks,  Saundra, Sheri and Braddah took wonderful care of us.  Saundra handled the horses well and  also shared information about the area.  She was a pleasure to spend the day with, and Sheri and Braddah gave us their all at lunch . An afternoon of relaxing  and talking story in the shade of the kiawi tree after a jump in the ocean, was just what I was hoping for.

Paige De Ponte had promised us a memorable day, and it really was. The Triple L Ranch is one of  the last Hawaiian ranches still raising their own free range cattle. Their horses are free range as well, living the good life. The ride was a  an authentic experience for folks who are looking for the real deal without all the fluff  and frills. Triple L has been a  working ranch for many years. Check out their website for their rich and colorful  history.
They have  been offering trail rides for a year now, and like all new businesses, are growing as they go.

I have to say that being able to canter and gallop back up the mountain was a real highlight for Aukai and I . We headed out across the hills searching for the water trough for the horses and I  loved every minute of the "no trail " cross country experience.   I was very happy that this ride let us experience all the horses could give us.

We had a blast!  If you want to spend a day in the wilds of Ka'naio, and  in the company of some downhome, resourceful folks with a healthy respect and deep love for their land and animals, check out the Triple L Ranch Trail Rides.

I am so glad that  Aukai and I were able to share this experience. I know we will always remember it.

 Heartfelt Mahalo to Paige and the Crew!

With  Much Aloha,