Celebration of Hawaii through the Arts


The Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao has recently opened a new show titled Celebration of Hawaii 2011. This showing features ceramics, glass works, jewelry, photography, sculpture, quilts, watercolor, pastels and oils.

The artists are also offering demonstrations to anyone who wants to watch and learn. What a bonus! Today I enjoyed a demonstration from one of my favorite Plein Air pastel artists, Michael Clements.  The freshness of his work, the blocks of surprising rich color, and his ability to capture the quiet moments of life really speaks to me. I guess this what makes a successful Plein Air artist. In one hour Michale had a piece of work that I was so very excited about. Wow, I wonder how long it will take me to get comfortable with this medium. I've been enjoying pastels lately, but this bold approach really gave me something to think about.

Another artist that I also enjoy, Carmen Gardner, is shown in these posted photos. I've taken a few watercolor classes from Carmen. She is a very accomplished artist who participates in many shows. A few years back one of her incredible portraits was chosen for the cover for Art Maui. Carmen's attention to detail in her watercolors is astounding. She is pictured in front of her very striking oil painting of a lava flow in Kalapana. This work showcases Carmen's versatility, and this particular painting was one of my favorite of the show.

Michael Clements states on his web site, "I feel blessed to be living in a community that is rich in artistic talent and an Island that encourages and promotes the growth and education of artists of every age." He says it well, and, I have also said it time and again, "Maui is a world renowned Art Mecca." Artists and crafts people of all ages, all abilities, all talents and focuses share, show, teach and learn from each other. It's a blessing that everywhere I look, I can find an accomplished, willing and able artist to study with and learn from. How lucky I am!

If you want to view, purchase, learn or teach Art, come to Maui. You'll be happy you did!

PS. While you are here, if you need fine art supplies, please visit our lovely local art store in Makawao, Upcountry Fine Arts. These wonderful folks also have a gallery in their store, and they'll help you with all the art supplies you need.

Much Aloha,

Makawao blockparty, fundraiser and art show


This weekend's fun and fundraisers in Makawao were a great success. Two very different and worthy causes drew large crowds at either end of town.

Midtown was featuring a blockparty for the Pacific Cancer Foundation on Maui. There was live music, a silent auction with amazing donations from lots of folks. I bid on a pilates class from my friend's great new OnCore Studio in Makawao.

This was a wonderful community effort to support our breast cancer survivors. All proceeds were donated towards breast cancer education and screening in Hawaii. Desiree from the boutique Pink by Nature did a wonderful job organizing this successful event.

At the far end of Baldwin Ave, near the Makawao Steakhouse, is the fantastic Viewpoints Gallery. They featured the long awaited "Malama Wao Akua" East Maui Watershed art opening. The show was well attended, overflowing with artists, fans, friends and family.

The Haleakala Watershed folks have highlighted their wonderful efforts of conservation of our mountain slopes with this uniquely informative art show. The quality and diversity of the show was very impressive and inspiring. My woodcut and watercolor piece was selected for the show, and you can tell by my smile that I was pretty excited. The image, is the harvesting of Naupaka seeds.

This show will hang for a few weeks, so if you are Upcountry, do stop by and spend some time enjoying the beautiful art at Viewpoints, and learn a few things about where our water comes from.

Honor the aina, take care of each other...

With much Aloha,


Malama Wao Akua 2009

Connie Adams painting in a Maui forest.


Recently, I had one of the best days I can remember. I had the great fortune of combining two of my favorite passions: art and nature.

The art was a plein air session with a wonderful watercolor teacher, Connie Adams. Connie helps me to loosen up, get bold and better understand the movement of paint and water. She is positive, a great teacher and alot of fun to work with.

Ferns in the forest on Maui HawaiiThe nature part of the day was sublime. I do not remember ever feeling as connected to nature as I did on this day. We were taken up into the Waikamoi Preserve with East Maui Watershed Partnership. Our lovely guide, Cat, was a fountain of knowledge. I was able to ask a lot of questions to identify plants and took notes as we hiked.

At one point, we all found our quiet zone to observe and experience the amazing native forests of Hawaii. I felt ancient, like I had gone back in time. Nothing else existed on this peaceful and sunny day in the forest of Old Hawaii. I heard and saw the Apapani bird flitting around in the Ohia trees with the forest floor covered in inches thick of brilliant colored moss. The only sounds were the buzzing of the insects and bird songs. This rich experience really brought home why so many folks dedicate themselves to protecting our forest preserves. I do understand this passion and want to do what I can to support these efforts.

Connie Adams, painting teacher and guide on Maui Hawaii Cherie next to a Koa Tree on Maui Hawaii

The East Maui Watershed Partnership sponsors an art show every year, the "Malama Wao Akua " show. It hangs at the wonderful Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao. The theme and subject matter is "the protection of Maui County's native species and native habitats from ridge to reef and the efforts to protect them."

I am inspired and have been working on a piece for a few weeks now. A small group of artists were taken up into the Waikamoi Preserve for inspiration and to experience the forest. I feel very grateful and privileged to have participated in this day.

Twin trees in the Maui forestThe native forests of Hawaii need our help and protection. Remember all the volunteer opportunities available to preserve our unique aina. Visitors to Hawaii will be able to go to places few can go in these environmental volunteer programs.

I hope to be able to go and paint in another special gem of Hawaii's flora and fauna this coming weekend.

Here's to finding your passion!!!, and making the most of it.........

Aloha for now,