End O' Summer Special #2

Aloha Folks.......

That time of year again, facing the wind down of summer fun, (aahh, already?!). However, this is a nice time of year to visit Maui. Despite our dry months, the air is fresh, the trade winds blowing, with fluffy white clouds in a deep blue sky.

My hens starting laying for the first time this morning, and I look forward to having local, fresh eggs to offer to guests for breakfast (is this a strange thing to feel proud of?). I don't think they could get any more local or fresh...

I did try having ducks, but they were pretty quacky a bit too early for me. I love hearing the birds singing as the day breaks, there are lots and lots of birds here. The ducks were drowning out every body else, so they moved on to a large gathering of wayward ducks on a big property in Haiku. They look pretty happy with a crew of friends now.

Sunset last night found me picking papayas all around the property. My arms were full of sunrise papayas as the day was ending. A nice feeling of contenment and gratitude to close the day.
I've decided to post a End O' Summer Special again... I am offering a 15% discount (! wow, the prices were low already) for anybody booking a stay at the Hale Hookipa for the August 15 to Sept 15 time period.

It's a bit quieter out and about, and really a super time of year in the islands. I have to ask myself here, when is not a super time of the year in the islands? Well, specials like this may just make the difference in waiting or booking now. So, limber up your fingers and drop me a line, or pick up the phone for some friendly Aloha, and a super deal. As always, I am happy to help with your plans while on our beautiful island. Folks usually like my suggestions for places to eat and things to do.

It's a beautiful Friday, and I am going to put some greens in the garden today, and maybe an afternoon stroll on the north shore with my dog Annie. She needs to chase rocks and seaweed at least three times a week, and we are due.

Life is good.....sending out Aloha worldwide.

See you in paradise soon.


End O' Summer Special! Save 10% to 20%!

Koi in the Pond of the Hale Hookipa Inn, Makawao, Hawaii
Aloha Folks,

Call me crazy, but I was just sitting out by the pond, pre-dawn soaking up the moon and star shine. The big koi are gently floating around reflecting the moon, all is quiet. The birds are still snoozing, a few roosters in the distance, even the crickets are asleep.

Summer is coming to a close. It is dark by 7 pm, we really do not have much of a "dusk" in Hawaii. It's only about 15 minutes loooonnggg..............then..... , bam, dark. Next comes the part I love, watching the moon come up over Haleakala. My garden has a few night blooming plants. The night blooming Jasmine, when covered in blossoms, perfumes the entire garden. Last week, the mock orange was in bloom, and all of Makawao smelled of mock orange blossoms for a few days. It was delicious.

A flower in the organic garden of the Hale Hookipa Inn Maui Hawaii bed and breakfastIt is not quite fall yet, summer is still lingering, but we all realize that the subtle season change is coming into view. The first north swell of the season is pounding our shores this weekend.

This really is a great time to visit the islands. Parking is available everywhere. Folks are offering specials everywhere...(the fish are jumping and the cotton is high.).... not really, but the waves are rolling in, and the sun is warm.

In celebration of the End O' Summer, I am offering a SPECIAL as well. For folks on the fence, or waiting for a special, take 20% OFF of a lovely room at Hale Ho'okipa from now until the end of Oct, and 10% off of future bookings if confirmed by the end of Oct.

Buddha Statue on Maui HawaiiSo, Yoga students, roll up your mats and come to Maui, hikers, pack your boots, volunteers, do your homework, relaxers, find a great book.....What ever warms your heart and puts a smile on your face, Maui no ka oi( da best) has it going on.

The birds are waking up, the day is dawning, really glad I could share it with all of you.

May you have a wonderful weekend.

Mahalo and Aloha,


SnowBird Special

Haleakala Sunrise Picture
Aloha from Beautiful Upcountry,

Check out this morning's sunrise over Haleakala. On my way across the yard to make breakfast this morning, I did a double take on the sky, and turned back around to grab my camera. There was a Kona storm brewing, and the sunrise was spectacular. The quality of light in Hawaii is every artists dream. The natural beauty of upcountry is truly inspirational.

This past week I have had three sets of guests from Alaska. I shivered when I listened to their stories of extreme weather. Yikes, I am definitely a fair weather bird at this point in life. They oohhed and aahhed over my breakfasts all week. I served fresh banana, the sweetest you've ever tried, and the season's first Cherimoyas, and of course, loads of lilikoi, passion fruit. All this luscious bounty is from my garden.

My guests mentioned that Alaska Airlines is now offering more flights to Maui. In celebration of this, I am offering a discount to all snowbirds who book their accommodations before Christmas Day. Tell me how cold it is where you live, and I will give you an 8% discount off the price of your room before tax...that will certainly get you some great fish lunches at my favorite, Paia Fish Market. These folks prepare a perfect mahi-mahi plate. Take it from me, an old Kona fisherperson(!?) who prepared fish dishes for my family 7 days a week. "Ono", as we say (delicious).

So, hang up your winter coats, dig out your rubber slippers, and book a flight to Maui!

A hui ho, see you soon!