Maui Tahiti Fete '09

Musicians at the Tahaitian Dance and Drumming Competition


Heiva I Maui was even more fun that I thought it would be. I had a great time at the 12th Annual Tahaitian Dance and Drumming Competition held in Wailuku this past weekend. The dancers, adorable age 3 to elegant Kupuna over 50, were vibrant and very entertaining.

Costumes of the competitors were captivating and colorful with peacock feathers, flowers, and bright prints. The headress were over the top with the shredded Niu, coconut fibers crowning long and wild flowing hair.

Hawaiian woman dancer at the Tahaitian Dance and Drumming CompetitionOne of the dancers looked like she was standing under a waterfall with her headress fibers. I especailly enjoyed her beautful smile and ocean colors.

The beating drums and wild hip shaking certainly set the mood for good time. Tahitian dancers must be quite strong, the blur of hip shaking while raising and lowering is not something everyone can do. I imagine a fair amount of training is involved.

Male Dancer at the Tahaitian Dance and Drumming CompetitionI don't know all the critera for judging, maybe how much you smiled and blushed? The male dancers do a lot of jumping and chest thumping, and they were pretty easy on the eyes. The solo competitors were rivetting, and I really enjoyed the music for the groups. It was exciting and uplifting. I'm going music hunting as soon as I get a chance.

Crafts for sale at the Maui Tahiti Fete 2009Polynesian crafters were selling their wares outside the competition. Wooden drums, Tahitian black pearls, shell belts, coconut earings and beautiful Polynesian clothing enticed everyone to pull out their wallets. Unique quality crafts at excellent prices were certainly crowd pleasers at this event.

I had a great time, and I know I'll make it a point to come down to next year's Tahiti Fete.

A Dancing woman at the Tahaitian Dance and Drumming CompetitionWe're moving towards the close of summer....seems to be flying by now. Here's to enjoying the last few weeks of soft summer season. Hope the weather is beautiful, wherever you are!

Aloha for now,