North Shore Maui


Ah, just returning home from a great North Shore beach morning.

The crazy tradewinds have finally calmed was howling across the state for several days, with Maui topping off at 71 mile per hour gusts out in Kaupo.

Annie and I walked Baldwin beach, she chased shredded coconut pieces and I hunted for shells. Because of the wild winds, we have not been to the beach for awhile, and we were both missing it. I had my camera in the beach bag and caught a few nice shots on this sunny spring day.

Someone has built a "fort" on the beach with washed up coral pieces. I love the indoor/ outdoor space it creates. It has a bit of a romantic "cast away" sort of look, but is kind of breaking down at this point. The beach is always changing, the tide washes in and out, and the wind blows, covering and uncovering .

I walked quite a ways down the beach enjoying the day. The tide pools were perfect for playing in and enjoying, crystal clear in some areas, and milky blue in other spots.

Some "stoked" kite boarders were out dancing across the waves and flying through the air. It looked like conditions were perfect. Kite boarding is really a spectacular sport to watch. The folks that are accomplished spend a lot of time in the air doing tricks and flips. My stomach lurches watching them from shore.

Kite boarding has gained in popularity in the last few years. I know there is a major learning curve involved in this sport, and it is not my thing, but pretty exciting to watch. I do have a good friend who kite boards on Maui, and also has her own kite school in South America. If you are looking for some "south of the border" adventure and you sail or board, drop me an e-mail and I will get you in touch with Laura.

OK, I've had my fun for today, now back to the business of living and the Hale Ho'okipa Inn.

Aloha for now,