Maui Mothers Day


Mother's Day, a joyful day.

Maui's Mother's Day weekend is all about the Seabury Hall Crafts Fair for many island residents and visitors alike. The setting for Seabury Hall is one of the most stunning on the island. It's a private school just
up te street from Hale Ho'okipa. The campus is breathtaking and it makes a perfect backdrop for this well known Mother's Day event.

Hawaii's crafters with lots of fantastic jewlery, photography, wood workers, lotions and potions and fanciful hats are only some of the fare offered at the fair.
It was quite sunny and warm ,and the lavender lemonaide was delicious and refreshing. Cooling off on the grass looking at the distant ocean, visiting with friends and enjoying some hot tunes was a great way to spend Saturday afternoon.
Did I mention shopping? Seems like all the moms were  picking out a little gift for themselves, because, hey, we all  deserve a little bling now and then. I found a beautiful pair of shell carved earings from Tahatti  They are just what I was hoping for.

Who knows what Sunday will bring..I sure wish I could spend Mother's Day with my children, but, not possible this year. I'm looking forward to a little gardening after breakfast, and a hike and a swim sound like a perfect Mother's Day afternoon.

I wanted  to write something nice about mothers to close this post, but, the truth's hard to find words to describe the most rewarding and challening job of a lifetime.
How about, Happy Mother's Day to all, may it be a heart warming time for families everywhere.

With Much Aloha,

Happy Mother's Day

Maui Hawaii rainbow
Aloha Dear Moms,

Today is a special day set aside to honor you. Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding job on the planet. It requires a willingness to have your heart open, filled and broken countless times. The breaks can be small little tugs, or they can be wrenching aches.

As well, the fullness of love can be quiet contentment, or bursting at the seams. Being human, we all know and have experienced the rainbow of life.

Today I am sending out a beautiful rainbow that I witnessed from my garden. Hawaii is the land of rainbows, and some of them just take your breath away.

flower lei in the shape of heart floating on waterI am also sending out a flower lei of love. I placed this lei in the ocean almost one year ago. The lei took the shape of a heart as it floated away. I don't know if putting flowers in the ocean is a tradition from ancient times, I only know that this is something I do when I need to. Being
mindful that the string is only cotton thread that will not cause harm.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, and dads who are also moms, and aunties and uncles and tutus and all who nurture and hold our children, our future.