Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle long board surfing on Maui Hawaii
Aloha Folks,

Ku Hoe He'e Nalu...Stand Up Paddle..

A new water sport was born in the early 2000's. Some surfers scoff at it, others really enjoy the freedom of being out on the water, even with no waves. They say, necessity is the mother of invention. Maui's own Laird Hamilton and other big wave riders developed this sport as a means of training when waves were down.

I have yet to try this sport, but there are a couple of things that are apealing to me. This is a surface water sport. From the stand up perspective, the paddler has a great view down into the water.

paddle surfing on Maui HawaiiI also like being able to cruise on calm, no wind, no wave days. I spent alot of years racing outrigger canoes. Having a paddle in my hand is a lovely and familiar feeling.

Last week I was able to jump into a canoe and have a leisure afternoon paddle I was so happy, it had been way too long. I just wanted to paddle off into the sunset. Hawaii has Outrigger Canoe and Paddleboard races interisland.

Maui Hawaii surfing long board stand up paddleI have crossed the channel a few times in the Outrigger canoe races. A lot ot training was involved, and it was wild, challenging and alot of fun. There is now a division for the Stand Up Paddle as well in some of these races.

stand up paddle surfing on MauiMy suggestion for stand up paddlers who are new to the sport, pick calm days and areas that are not crowded to get the hang of it, and maybe stay in those uncrowded areas until you really know what you are doing, and can do it well.. These boards are huge, and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of one.

Above all, have fun and be safe.

stand up paddle board surfing on Maui HawaiiSummer is officially over, ahh, it was a nice summer, not too hot, some really gorgeous days.

As the days start shortening, and our thoughts turn inward, may you all enjoy this season of harvest.

Aloha for now,

Keiki Surf Classic


This week I am posting photos dear to me.

My granddaughter, Mehana surfed the Shane Dorian Keiki Classic this past weekend and placed 1st in the 14 and under age division. She caught 3 good waves with 4-5 ft. faces, pulling off sprays and floaters.

After placing first in her age division, she was entered to win a new surfboard. She was lucky enough to win the new board in the drawing. The board is an Al Merrick custom 5 fin slot 5'5" board.

The legendary big wave rider, Shane Dorian from Kona, Hawaii, brings out the world class surf stars for the keiki classic. The event raises food for charity, and is free to the Big Island surf families.

This year, Kelly Slater, an American professional surfer was on hand to "stoke" the surf kids on. He surfed with them and signed Mehana's new board. She was beside herself with excitement.

Kelly Slater has been crowned the ASP World Champion 9 times, and is known for his inspirational style. Aukai, my grandson, is also seen here having his Pokemon cards signed by Shane Dorian, a collectors item in the making! (He is the handsome boy looking up.)

Kudos to Shane and Kelly, and mahalo from one Tutu (grandmother) happy to see her grandkids, stoked, surfing, being inspired, staying focused, and having fun!!

Aloha for now,