Guests enjoy the sun in the yard of the Hale Hookipa

"A house with a soul. We enjoyed this peaceful stay. Mahalo"—Roger and Sibylle, Switzerland

"I appreciate the hospitality and opportunities to volunteer on Maui."—Kelly, New York
"Thank you so much for the beautiful room to the lovely fruit and great advice. It was a lovely stay."—Trund and Liz, D.C and Norway
"So lovely and relaxing after camping in the crater Such a beautiful place and really cozy, felt like home. Thank you we had the best time."—Joey and Becky
"We appreciate your beautiful and peaceful home, and the fruit at breakfast. Thank you."—Richard, Phillippa, Tom, London, U.K.
"The best sleep in years."—Natsumi and Enriko, Japan
"This is the coolest place. We hope to come back."—Donna and Dennis
"Thank you for the lovely stay. It was a wonderful experience! Loved it!"—Kamal and Priya, Dubai, UAE
"We had a wonderful stay and a great time in Maui! Thank you for sharing this incredible place with us. We will be thinking about your breakfast- the best one on the island-on our way home!!! Thank you."—Lisa and Patrick, Agnes and Olivier, Canada, France
"Una settimana de completo relax. Grazie"—Marcella and Antonio, Sardina, Italy

"Love it! love it! love it! Thanks for this beautiful place. We enjoyed the laid backness, the beautifully decorated rooms, the hospitality, and the great tips for hiking trails. The sliding sands trail at the crater is awesome!. Thank you for making our honeymoon so enjoyable."—Yvette and Sander, Holland

"Thanks for your advices about our trip on Maui. They do really help us. We enjoy your delicious breakfast and your lovely and beautiful house."—C-Ning and Stream, Taiwan

"We were delighted with our stay here- one of the most comfortable, physically and otherwise places in many years of travel."—Jean, Pat and Kate, MD

" Your home and hospitality were a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of our vacation. We enjoyed the cozy room and friendly atmosphere. Thanks for everything."—Paul, Lily and Robin, PA

" Thanks for offer such beautiful accommodations.After staying at the hostel for 6 days, Hale Ho'ookipa was like the Taj Mahal."—Marie and David, Ca.

" What a wonderful little piece of heaven- so peaceful and restful. We look forward to future visits."—Todd and Valerie, Honolulu

"What a wonderful masterpiece. To lie at night and dream of what it must have been and imagine the people that lived here, that's when you know you are in a treasured part of history."—Matti and Keri, WA.

"Cherie and this place have given us warm shelter, tasty food and an appreciation for Maui and it's culture. Mahalo."—Helmut and Laura, Canada 

"Thank you for all you do! We enjoyed ourselves immensely and would definitely do it again. You embody the true spirit of Aloha."—Clint and Mitzi, Texas

"Working with Cherie was an absolute blessing. She was very much on top of things, honest, and hard working. Always available to answer questions, any day of the week, anytime of day.She is number 1 in my book."—Steven and Kachina in Pukalani

"We highly recommend Cherie Attix to anyone looking for a home on Maui. Her guidance, expertise and friendship throughout our search for, and purchase of our new home was invaluable. We recently retired and came to Maui with a long list of expectations and desires, our hopes and dreams for our ideal retirement home... The best part about working with Cherie was that she was always more focused on answering our questions and giving us good advice, than she was on closing a deal. We would recommend her to anyone."—Karen and Don in Kula

"I am very pleased to recommend our real estate agent, Cherie Attix. I first met Cherie while staying at her beautiful B&B, Hale Ho'okipa Inn, which incidentally is a very convenient base for house hunting in Upcountry. Cherie has excellent knowledge of the Maui real estate market, and is very sensitive to her clients's needs. She was always very patient as well!"—John Inge in Haiku

"Thank you very much to help us close the Kula 360 deal. I am pleased with your professional works and kindness. Definitely I like to work with you in any Maui property that I will plan to buy."—Wu Yang in Kula